As many of you may know, the American Museum of Textile History in Lowell, MA sadly and tragically closed their doors in 2017  after 50 years of collecting the most impressive collection of textile equipment in the US. They have now finished the  process of de-accessioning all of their equipment, textiles and manuscripts to other museums and non-profit organizations and we were fortunate to receive  a significant portion of their wooden tool collection.

It was with both excitement and sadness that we have agreed to be the new custodians of this important collection. What it means to the school has yet to be fully determined, but our hope is that this equipment can be made accessible to all students of textile history — to use, for research and to be appreciated.  It is our wish that we can share this wonderful equipment with the textile world through open house events, yearly symposiums and an on-line data base.  Please contact us if you would like to have access to the collection!



One of our 2018 work study students, Mathilde Lind, began the time consuming process of entering all of the artifacts that we received from ATHM on the Omeka data base.  She focused primarily on the Joan Cummer spinning wheel pieces but also made a start on the other wheels in our collection.  We are hoping to continue Mathilde's work this coming year and have all the other equipment and library entered in.  To access the data base go to: