The Marshfield School of Weaving is pleased to announce the establishment of a Reparations Scholarship that provides tuition assistance to Black, Indigenous, and People of Color students and researchers.  This scholarship responds to the fact that the exploitation of Black and Indigenous people formed the basis of the North American textile industry, a history which is largely erased from the craft discipline despite its contemporary repercussions.  As an educational institution, we are committed to rectifying the historical record and supporting BIPOC artists past and present.  To that end, we invite you to study with us at no cost.  Scholarship recipients can take any class, or if you prefer, design a fiber or research project using our studio, library, and natural setting.

Who may Apply: No previous weaving, spinning or dyeing experience is necessary to apply for a scholarship. The scholarship is based solely on the desire to learn the foundations of weaving on a hand loom.  The scholarship award will cover the cost of a 5 day class, not  including materials.  

Scholarship Schedule:  Applicants may apply at any time during the calendar year and may come at any time the school is in session.


Application: Please tell us your story in 400 words or less:  Who you are and why you want to study spinning, dyeing or weaving.

Submission:  Applications can be submitted electronically via email to: or sent by mail to:

334 Jake Martin Road   Marshfield, VT. 05658. 

For more information call - 802-426-3733



The Marshfield School of Weaving Study Collection, Inc.  is pleased to announce the formation of a scholarship fund that offers educational and research assistance  to students interested in textile history and production.  Scholarships will cover  part of class tuition and/or time spent on research projects at the Marshfield School of Weaving or the Marshfield Center for Textile Research.  The Scholarship  recipients will be expected to share their experience in a format that might include a presentation at a MSW Seminar or Workshop, an article in the MSW Newsletter, or a textile sample with description for the MSW library.

Who May Apply: Students from beginners to advanced skills may apply for a scholarship. Applicant will not be judged on the quality of your writing or the quality of your weaving or spinning. Scholarship award is based on merit, skills and demonstrated interest in handweaving and textiles.  Note: Previous Scholarship recipients may apply for subsequent awards.


Scholarship Schedule: Deadline for receipt of applications is March 1, 2022.   Applicants will be notified of awards by April 1, 2022.

Application: Please tell us your story in 400 words or less:  Who are you and why you want to study at MSW.   Your interest and experience with textile production - weaving, spinning, dyeing or other fiber arts.  Include any information that will help us understand your interest and commitment to learn more about textile production and textile history.  Have you taken other textile classes -   if so, what and where?  The reason(s) you want to learn a particular skill or take a specific class.  How this class or experience will help you reach your goals.   Please include a 1-page resume with relevant education, employment and artistic experience/history and one letter of references that refers to your textile interests.   If you have experience in weaving, spinning, knitting, dyeing, etc, please include 4-6 slides of your work.


Submission:  Applications can be submitted electronically via email to or by mail to Marshfield School of Weaving  334 Jake Martin Road   Marshfield,  Vermont 05658

Call with any questions: 802-426-3733

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