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Wool Jacket with Noel Guetti

Wool Jacket with Noel Guetti

Outerwear is architecture at its smallest scale. People have produced clothing that protects from cold and wind for thousands of years and makers today remain connected to this lineage, autonomous of the petroleum-based manufacturing that has all but convinced us that surviving the elements is impossible without highly engineered plastic materials.
This class is a two week exploration of handwoven functional outerwear. In week one, students will design and weave a dense wool fabric (with an optional handwoven lining, woven round-robin style) and in week two will sew their own classic mackinaw style jacket. In addition to warping and weaving on a four-post loom, students will learn to modify patterns using their own existing garments as a point of reference, how to sew a lining, and how to construct several styles of pocket. Some sewing experience necessary.


Prerequisite: Foundations, or prior weaving experience at MSW. Some prior sewing experience required.

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