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Secrets of the Great Wheel with Andrea Myklebust

Secrets of the Great Wheel with Andrea Myklebust

The great wheel, also known as the walking wheel, spindle wheel, or wool wheel, was a common textile tool in New England prior to the industrial revolution and into the 19th century, but few hand spinners know how to use them today. In this daylong workshop, we will learn how to use a great wheel, and experiment with different fiber selections and preparations for great wheel spinning. We will look at examples of different great wheel designs, learn how to adjust, maintain and make simple repairs to great wheels, and will learn how to recognize a great wheel that could still be used for spinning when one encounters it ‘in the wild.’


This workshop is aimed at people who already have a basic understanding of handspinning, but may also be of interest to new spinners. If you do not have prior spinning experience, we suggest you also sign up for the Introduction to Spinning workshop.

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